City Council Vote on October 15th!

City Administration Building, Council Chambers,

202 C St, 12th Floor at 2pm.

Make San Diego next to ban the foam!

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear: phasing out single use plastics improves our personal well-being, environment, wildlife, and economy.

It is time for San Diego to join 119 other California jurisdictions who have banned expanded polystyrene foam, one of the most harmful plastics.

Tell Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the San Diego City Council that you want a comprehensive ordinance banning foam food containers and other disposable polystyrene and plastic products such as utensils, and straws.

Sign the action alert to encourage the City of San Diego to protect our environment, ocean and health by joining cities across the nation in banning these harmful pollutants.

Use the power of democracy

Automatically send an email to every San Diego Council Member by signing the Action Alert

What's in the ordinance?

No polystyrene foam may be sold or distributed, and straws and to-go utensils are provided only upon request.

See the draft of the ordinance for more detail, or see the Powerpoint presentation for a brief summary of the ordinance.

Draft of Proposed Ordinance (.pdf)
Powerpoint Summary of Proposal (.pptx)
Summary of Proposal & Fact Sheet (.pdf)


Take Action Now.

Join the fight to end plastic pollution before it gets out of control.

Scientists estimate there could be more plastic than fish by weight in the ocean by 2050.

We have to act quickly to make sure this doesn't become reality, and we can start right here in San Diego.


San Diego residents can make a big difference by signing the Action Alert. It takes 30 seconds to complete, and it sends an email to ALL San Diego Council Members and Mayor Faulconer. Let them know this matters to you.

Sign the Action Alert


San Diego restaurants play a pivotal role in influencing the City Council vote. If you own a restaurant, cafe, or bar, sign our Restaurant Sign On Letter to let them know your business is on board with the ban.

Sign the Restaurant Support Letter

Facts about Plastics

  • Styrofoam (trademark Dow Chemical) is probably the most common polystyrene foam product you know.
  • Polystyrene Foam is one of the most common debris on our beaches. In San Diego alone, local volunteers have picked up 16,000+ pieces of foam from weekend beach cleanups alone. Over 90% of ocean debris is made of plastic.
  • Polystyrene foam "photodegrades", which means it breaks down into smaller pieces, but it never disappears from this Earth.
  • Plastics will continue breaking down to microscopic sizes, where it acts as a sponge for toxic chemicals, which then end up in our food chain. The average shellfish consumer will ingest more than 6000 microplastics per year.
  • Marine animals, including birds and turtles, die from eating plastics that they believe to be food.



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For inquiries, contact The Surfrider Foundation San Diego: